Pet Insurance

As a rescue organisation we care deeply about what happens to our rescues throughout their lives, and we work hard to promote responsible pet ownership in the community.

Part of responsible pet ownership means ensuring that your pet has a regular check up with the vet, and when they have ailments or accidents that they are attended to in good time by professionals. It is often the case that people avoid visits to the vet as they are concerned about cost and they hope the problem will fix itself.

Sadly this doesn’t always happen, and a saving early on can end up costing a lot more in the longer run, not to mention the suffering your pet may endure in the meantime. When you have pet insurance in place, you pay a monthly premium, and depending on the cover you choose, a percentage of your vet’s bills are paid (up to 85% generally).

This means you can get treatment for your pet without worrying too much about the mounting bills. With advances in technology there’s more treatments available than ever before for your pet, but they do cost money, and there’s no medicare for pets!