If you’d like to help rescued pets but can’t adopt, perhaps you’d like to consider becoming a foster carer.

A foster carer takes the rescued pet into their homes and cares for all their needs until we find a permanent home for them. ARCAT will assist by paying for vetwork and sharing donations of food, kitty litter etc. A foster carer is asked to provide transport if the pet needs to go to the vet. The carer must provide a safe environment, which means an indoor only home and/or a suitable cat enclosure attached to the house for cats and adequate fencing.

We’d also like our foster carers to participate in the meet and greet for the pets in their care, because the introduction to a potential new family will be so much less stressful for them if they can stay in their own familiar territory. This also means the potential adopter will see him/her as relaxed and natural as possible and the carer gets to meet the new family, so parting with their baby is just that little bit easier.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, please email your phone number and one of us will give you a call. We are always needing foster carers because without them, we could never save many pets at all.